Advertising on MusingMinds.UK

We have made it simple for you to advertise your community content here at MusingMinds.UK! Please read below for details.

What You May Advertise

The following list of content within our community can be advertised.

Packages for these listings will be low e.g. from 4p/click to their profile, not to mention the discounts you receive.

  1. Support Groups
  2. Stories
  3. Journals
  4. Musings
  5. Resources
  6. Books
  7. Forum Discussions
  8. Albums & Photos
  9. Videos & Channels
  10. Feedback

Packages for these listings are more expensive (from 15p/click), mainly due to these listings being for businesses and having the potential to earn you revenue.

We will always make our package prices as reasonable and affordable as possible.

  1. Business Pages
  2. Events
  3. Stores
  4. Products

How to Advertise

Once you have created a listing, go to its view (profile) page. On the sidebar, you will see a sample community ad (what your ad may look like). It is your choice if you actually want to create and pay for an advertisement. You may order an ad placement by clicking the 'create an ad' link below the sample ad, or any time you see the 'create an ad' link.

For your convenience, all the details (content title, description and image) will be pre-filled (title cannot be changed). You will need to create a campaign where your ads will be grouped together.

How Long Will it Take to Create an Ad?

Creating a community ad should really take no longer than three minutes and will be up and running immediately!

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise?

Please view our advertising packages here.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Please click the following link to learn more about advertising on MusingMinds.UK

Creating an Ad

Our Advertising Packages

Below are all our advertising packages. The different prices reflect the type of content being advertised, for example, for businesses, products and events that are likely to earn revenue we charge more. We also offer external advertising, that is ads for an external website. Again, this is at a higher rate due to our members being directed away from our community.

Receiving Clicks to your Content or Website

We have the option for ads for clicks or views, however, we offer clicks only (unless it's for charity for which we offer views). For now, we believe clicks offer the best value as you know for sure who is viewing your content and for how much (want packages for views? Let us know in our feedback forum). Although the clicks sound small, it's important to be aware of what is called 'impressions' and 'conversion rates'. We expect on average, you to receive a 'conversion rate' of 0.5-5% (though it could be higher or lower). Briefly, what this means is for every 100 impressions ('views') of your ad on a page, you will receive 0.5-5 clicks. So by ordering our 100 click package, we estimate that it will be loaded for viewing ('viewed') 200 to 2000 times. This is an estimate!

Help with Advertising

Please read our advertising help section to find out more about advertising within our community. Should you have any more queries, check out our advertising FAQs. Should these not help you, please feel free to contact us by email or call us.

Approving ads

Packages meant for charity as well as those for external ads will be verified prior to going live to ensure the ad is for a charity or the website is suitable. All other ads will go live as soon as payment is received.

Discount Coupons

Please note, we often offer discount coupons for advertising packages and they are no secret (we want you to save money which is why we offer discounts!). You may easily find the link below this information or you may check out our community discount coupons. Should you make a purchase and realise later that you could have added a discount, unfortunately, no partial refunds will be given. Honestly, it's a hassle and we've done our best to inform you.

Now Advertise!

Thank you so much for considering advertising within the Musing Minds UK community, and here's to you achieving your goals!