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We display our own as well as Google Adsense advertisements. It costs money to run a site like this so we hope you understand our need to monetise this community.


We have a marketplace which has a range of products available for you to purchase including redeeming credits. You can also buy/sell products on the activity feed.

Mental Health Resources

We have mental health resources on over twenty mental health disorders. Gain insight into these disorders including signs & symptoms causes, diagnosis, treatment and management.

Mental Health Charities

Browse our curated list of mental health charities that offer mental health support directly e.g. through counselling, or indirectly e.g. through nutrition services, spirituality etc.


Discover events and member meetups. The idea of events is to get out and about and avoid socially isolating yourself. It may be scary, but you're not alone.

Mental Health Books

Increase your awareness of mental health and wellbeing, mental health disorders and more by checking out our free downloadable ebooks and purchasable books from Amazon.

Mental Health Videos

View our mental health videos, ranging from personal stories of lived experience of mental illness, to videos promoting mental health and wellbeing.