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Interested in Our Events on Musing Minds UK?

Our events are an amazing way for us all to connect with one another, creating relationships and friendships that could last a lifetime. Wow, what an opportunity!

Why not host a meetup in your local town and see who's up for coming? Or visit a spiritual festival, fair or business event to help you grow and develop, our events are all for the purpose of imrpoving our mental health and wellbeing, so don't be shy!

We hope this page should give you all the information you need. If you still have any queries, please check our FAQs, and if you still cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

Want to Promote Your Event on MusingMinds.UK ?

Get your event discovered by our community. Create your own event and start promoting it today, BUT FIRST, please read the following information detailing how to create, manage and get the best out of your event!

Please read and agree to the Events Terms & Conditions before creating an event.

Features of Our Events...

Below contains detailed information for admin and members with regards to managing and interacting with our events.

Event Advertising & Packages

Our Event Packages

Prior to creating an event, admin must select a package. We will always offer a free package for events. We do, however, offer premium packages for those event administrators that require more options. For example, we offer a 5-day spotlight package, and a 5 day featured event package. In both cases, events will be displayed more prominently across the community, but mainly in the events home and browse pages, as well as on the main homepage.

Spotlight means that events are shown on the Events home page and in the sidebars on the Browse Events page. A slider also appears above our Event listings. All members will view these spotlight Events as they have to scroll down to view the available Events.

Featured means that Events are shown on the homepage (though in a second tab which members must click on to view) and in the sidebars on the Browse Events page.

Advertising an Event

Only Event admin may advertise their Event. Advertising can be done via the Event profile. There, admin will be able to see a 'Sample Ad', under which they have the option to create an ad. Members may also create an ad via our advertising pages. We advise Event admin to view those pages for more information prior to creating an ad.

Advertisements on Events

Advertisements appear on all Event tabs. We can offer an option where admin can pay for a package that doesn't show ads. We do not offer this currently, however, should there be interest (please contact us), we will create a paid package for this.

Event Information

Description, Tags & Profile Fields

Description & Overview

It's important for admin to describe what and who the Event is for. The description does not need to be long at all as it should succinctly describe the Event in a few sentences that members can read on the Browse Events page. The overview is where you can go into more detail. They will both show on the event profile page.


Tags should be added which fully describe the Event. If you have browsed our community, you will know of popular tags. On the homepage, if it is popular, it will trend and members will be able to click to view all content under that tag.

Profile Fields

There are profile fields which may differ depending on the category selected. 


Event admin may choose whether to add a location to their Event (not required for online events). Please add the specific location for the event so members and the public may find it. If the address cannot be found in the Google autosuggest, please enter an address that it recognises e.g. just the address number and road, then once you've submitted the creation form, go to 'Location' and change the 'Formatted Address' to your specific address.


Don't forget to add the price of the event. If it is free, just add £0.

Event Hosts

It's important to state who is hosting the event. Event hosts may be members, support groups business page, stores and individual organisations. All events will appear in the Browse Events page, but if it is associated with a group, business or store, they will also appear on that group/business/store profile page. As for individual organisations, they can be added instead of creating business pages and they will have full information (description, logo, social media).


Depending on your chosen package, media and discussions can be added to your Event profile page. When creating an Event, admin can select privacy options as to who can post media and discussions to their Event


Event Leaders

Adding Members as Leaders

You may add whomever else you please as an event leader. Note that they will have exactly the same privileges as you when it comes to managing the event and even potentially removing you as a leader and deleting the event, so make sure you trust them. You'll find the tab on the dashboard once you've created the event.

Event Capacity & Waiting List

Adding Capacity & Viewing the Waiting List

After you have created the event, you may add how the capacity of the event and view your waiting list should it be oversubscribed.

Payment Methods

So, before you can receive payment should you have a paid event, you'll need to add payment methods. We have on offer, 

- Paypal

- Pay by Cheque

- Pay at the Event

Please follow the instructions on those pages on the event dashboard to add your payment method.

Adding Tickets

Please add tickets once you have created your event! This way, members can 'participate' if they wish. If you do not add any tickets, then your event profile cannot be interacted with by members though it will still show.


You may add a coupon should you wish. Click this tab and follow the instructions.

Sales Reports/Manage Orders/Transactions

You may view all of these and they are available on the tabs on the left-hand side.


This is what Musing Minds UK have charged you should members purchase tickets from you.

Event Dates

Adding Dates

It's easy to make a mistake when creating dates as it may not be that intuitive. So you are able to add a recurring date e.g. recurring every day, every week, or on certain days. Simply add the date and time, and when it finishes. Note that it must finish on the same date e.g. do not put the start date as 1st May at 9:00am and end date as 7th May 17:30pm, because it will seem like the event is non-stop! Simply add the first date, then in the description, state how many days it will last, in this case, seven days. What you can do if it is a separate event starting on each day, you may add the start and end time and choose the days of the week. Otherwise, you may create a custom date range with differing dates, differing start and end times.

Content: Discussion Forums & Reviews

Support Group Content: Forum, Notes, Polls, Offers, Reviews

Privacy: Forum, Notes, Polls, Offers, Reviews

When creating an event, admin can select privacy options as to who can post any of the above to their event and a link to post any of this content will only be available to those members with permissions as selected by admin.

What is the Discussion Forum for Events?

The discussion forum is separate from our welcome forum and specific to each event. Similar to our Welcome forum, admin has the option to make posts stick and remain at the top. Members can receive notifications should anyone reply to a post that they created or a post that they like (they can watch topics).


Coupons can be added by admin for tickets.

What are Reviews?

Reviews can be added by members. They provide the community with insight as to how beneficial the event is and hopefully, encouraging them to attend should it still be running, or running again in the future.

Event Media: Photos & Videos

Privacy: Photos and Videos

Depending on your chosen package, media can be added to your event profile page. When creating n event, admin can select privacy options as to who can post media to their event and a link to post a photo or video will only be available to those members selected by admin.

Adding Videos to an Event

As with 'Videos' in our community, hosted videos from YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion may be added, and those on the Platinum membership plan may upload videos from their computer. Videos added solely by support groups may be viewed by using the search feature on 'Browse Videos' and selecting 'Events'. If you have permission, you may add a video from the 'Video' tab on the event profile.

Adding Photos to an Event

You can create and add to photo albums for collections of photos. If you have permission, you may add a photo from the 'Photo' tab on the event profile. Please name your album and photos so members have an idea as to what it is about.