Bingeing & Purging is One of the Worst Experiences Ever!

  • Bingeing & Purging is One of the Worst Experiences Ever!

    Posted by Caroline on February 25 2022 at 02:06 am

    I’ll never forget the first time I binged and purged. It was after a long day of water fasting. I hadn’t eaten all day and I remember I was reading articles on water fasting and how If one could accomplish doing it, one could lose around 1lb per day.

    I had planned on water fasting for 10 days to lose around 10lbs. I was about 128lbs at the time and the goal weight was 118lbs, but to eventually get down to 112lbs. Honestly, that still is the goal, and imagine I managed to get there (118lbs) through going to the gym, but I’ve gained a lot back now. But back to the story!

    So I hadn’t eaten over night, I started the day drinking water. It was going relatively good until it got to the evening. I was so hungry, I wanted to sleep to get through to the next day, but I couldn’t. So I got dressed and went to the my local store. I bought some pasties, some chocolate, got home and scoffed it all. I was so depressed, I couldn’t believe I’d eaten all those calories. I felt so helpless, and at that point it came to me. Why not just throw up what you’ve eaten? So I did.

    I knew what I was doing, and I remember feeling so weird about it, like, is this really what my life has come to? But also not feeling like I had a problem, it was just something I was doing. It’s hard to explain. I also remember times when I would go home to my parents home during University breaks. My mum would make this amazing rice that I just couldn’t resist. I advise you, do not throw up rice! It’s so cloggy, chokey and horrific! But I can’t help but say only recently did I realise just how important it is to drink a lot before throwing up, not meaning to give you ideas, I’m just telling my story. The only reason why I threw up a few years ago was because my brother gave me a sausage roll. Now, I don’t eat animals, but somehow, I think I was so hungry that I just started eating it with no issues, then he called out

    “Wait, you don’t eat meat do you?”

    I felt so disgusted, poor pig! I had to puke it up.
    All in all, I don’t see myself doing this anymore, but I have to admit, it’s always going to be an option.

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