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What do MusingMinds.UK Journals Offer?

Our Features

  • Discover Personal Stories
  • Connect with Individuals Living with Mental Health Issues and Mental Illness
  • Start a Mission to Gain Funds & Support from Members
  • Add Photos
  • Add Videos
  • Associate Journal Entries with Support Groups & Businesses

Want to Create a Journal Entry on MusingMinds.UK ?

We hope this page should give you all the information you need. If you still have any queries, please check our FAQs, and if you still cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

What are Journals for on MusingMinds.UK ?

Journals are your record of personal news and events that occur in your life. You may believe that many things should remain personal, but here on Musing Minds UK, we believe in the importance of sharing our lives and our truths with others, allowing us to receive the support we need and to help others in the same situation. Just know, there is nothing new under the Sun, what you are going through, others are too, so share your stories, BUT FIRST, please read the following information detailing what you can add and how to add it.

Please read and agree to the Journals Terms & Conditions before adding your book.

Features of Our Journals...

Below contains detailed information for 'journal'ists with regards to creating and managing journal entries.

Journal Entry Advertising & Packages

Our Journal Entry Packages

Prior to creating a journal entry, 'journal'ists must select a package. We will always offer a free package for journal entries. We do however, offer premium packages for those that require more options. For example, we offer a 5 day spotlight package, and a 5 day featured journal entry package. In both cases, journal entries will be displayed more prominently across the community, but mainly in the journal entries home and browse pages, as well as on the main homepage.

Spotlight means that journal entries are shown on the Journals Home Page and in the sidebars on the Browse Journals page. A slider also appears above our book listings. All members will view these spotlight books as they have to scroll down to view the available book listings.

Featured means that book listings are shown on the homepage (though in a second tab which members must click on to view) and in the sidebars on the browse journals page.

Advertising a Journal Entry

Only 'journal'ists may advertise their journal entry. Advertising can be done via the journal entry. profile. There, 'journal'ists will be able to see a 'Sample Ad', under which they have the option to create an ad. Members may also create an ad via our advertising pages. We advise advertisers to view those pages for more information prior to creating an ad.

Journal Information

Description, Tags & Profile Fields


The description is your journal entry. We suggest you write a minimum of 300 words.


Tags should be added which fully describe your entry. If you have browsed our community, you will know of popular tags that you can use.

Profile Fields

There are profile fields which may differ depending on the category selected. Important fields include whether the journal entry will be a trigger for readers i.e. if it talks about abuse or suicide. Please fill in the other fields available to tell us about yourself.


We have enabled the adding of locations on journal entries so that we know what people think and feel across the UK. Now, do not enter your home address! Simply enter your borough/town/city.


Depending on your membership, you may restrict who can view your journal entry.

Journal Media

Who Can Add to your Journal Entry?

When adding a journal entry, you can select privacy options as to who can post photos & videos to your journal entry.

How Many Photos/Videos Can I Add?

This number is dependent upon your chosen package. Currently, the standard number of photos and videos that can be added by all those with permission to add photos and videos is 3, however, this can be increased should you buy a one-time premium package.