Our Manifesto

Our manifesto. From the Latin word 'manifestum', meaning 'clear, conspicuous'. It's a declaration of our intentions, motives, and views.

Our Mission

MusingMinds.UK is a community that;

Our Vision

The vision of MusingMinds.UK is to:

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Our Business Manifesto

Expressing Ourselves

Beauty to me, is something pleasing to the senses, having value. Value is 'worth', that is something deserving of certain treatment, whether it be internal such as awe, inspiration, or external, such as compliments, applause.

There is beauty in creative writing. It has value. It has worth. As our creative writing features topics if mental health, we get to see value and worth in these imagined characters (fiction, scriptwriting) and people (non-fiction), and so get to value real people.

For too long, our stories have been told by others, whether published authors with no real experience of mental health issues, or medical professionals. In this community we get to tell our story, releasing it into the Universe and setting ourselves free from the weight of carrying this burden on our shoulders. Through stories, we get to enlighten, inform, educate and unite all individuals.

Our Community Manifesto

Expressing Pride

Pride. A feeling of honour derived from one's, or another's achievements. A feeling of esteem from qualities that one possesses.

For MusingMinds.UK, the unity of humanity does not entail the uniformity of humanity, as uniformity often leads to conformity.

I envision a world where we express our pride through our thoughts, attitudes, ideas and actions. 

I envision a world where we all psychologically and physically accept and find peace and pride in the minds and bodies we are in, with no shame.

Denouncing Conformity

Conformity. To shape, form, build together, as one.

Conformity. Requiring the dilution of the richness, beauty and character found in cultures and traditions all across the world towards one set way of life, one world culture.

I envision a world where there is unity in diversity.

I envision a world where we are all enriched by each others differences.

I envision a world where we do not simply go along with the crowd and the dominate way of living.

I envision a world where we cherish and preserve cultures and traditions as to not do so would in our mind be a great disservice to our future generations.

Our Responsibility

If we as individuals all take responsibility and make a change, can you imagine what the future will hold?

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