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To promote awareness of the link between learning, behaviour, mental health and nutrition.

To educate and provide educational material to children, parents, teachers, schools, universities, the public, health professionals, caterers and the government thereby promoting mental health through optimum nutrition.

To develop independently evaluated, effective and adoptable 'models' of how society can act to promote mental health through nutrition.


To create a future where the awareness of the importance of optimum nutrition for mental health is understood by all, and implemented by many.

Babies are optimally nourished for brain development during pregnancy and infancy.

Nurseries and schools, from infancy to university, actively encourage optimum nutrition for brain function.

Government actively encourage optimum nutrition to promote learning and prevent behavioural and mental health problems from childhood to old age.

The treatment of mental health problems involves correcting nutritional imbalances as a first line procedure.

The public has easy access to information about optimum nutrition for mental health.