Our Statements of Purpose

Our Statements of Purpose

These statements form the core of our business. They state who we are, why we are here, what we do and where we are going.

Below you will find our manifesto, mission statement, vision statement and core values.

We hope from these you will understand our vision and purpose & hope we can be bound with a common interest.


A Muse is a spirit that watches over and inspires poets, musicians, writers, artists, and scientists, being the source of their genius.

Our magical, musing minds are our Muses watching over our souls, guiding us to fulfilment as we move from musing crises to musing inspiration.

Our musing minds inspire us to express ourSelves and our stories and form relationships that drown us in love and support.


Musing Minds UK is akin to a flower. Like flowers, communities don’t just spring up, they require time to grow.

I, as the founder, have an idea, a seed that I have planted in creating this online space.

"All trees started as a seed."


The amazing Muses who agree to sign up are the pollen, which allows for the fertilisation of the seed, stimulating it's growth. They themselves are on a journey of self-exploration.


The drops of water are the wonderful stories that Muses contribute manifesting growth of our writing community. Writing is therapy, quenching our thirst for healing.


Most important of all is the Sun. Sunlight is spirit. We need positivity, compassion and vitality, people with virtuous spirits who collectively create a synergy, a beautiful energy within the growing community. Our purpose is to discover who we truly are, and with each others support, this becomes that much easier.


The blooming flower, when individuals in the community are content with the community content and are personally transformed.


A sign of success is Musing Minds UK bearing fruit. Fruit is the last stage of reproduction. People are encouraged, full of courage to face the days ahead. They move from musing crises, to musing inspiration.


Harvest is a time to sit back, browse, read and reflect upon all that has been contributed to the community. The journey of self-exploration never ends and is always beginning on Musing Minds UK.

"Sow today, to reap tomorrow. Are you in?"


What Now?

Share your story of triumph. You are hope for a better day. Or share your story live and direct from the battlefields. You are a warrior and the victory is already yours... you just need to claim it.

Connect with others facing the same challenges you are set out on your unique path of self-exploration.


Sign Up

I encourage all who feel connected to this manifesto to sign up and express yourSelf!

"Our mission is to foster an online writing community for self-exploration filled with a melting pot of minds that muse differently."


Our mission is to create a community for individuals who muse differently and experience musing crises. Embark on a journey opening your mind, your heart, your soul through creative, reflective and expressive writing.

Our mission is for Muses to meet new people, encounter new places and undergo new experiences for their growth and development.

This exploration is worth recording through writing. Writing stories is a form of therapy and healing and stories have meaning, value and worth and so do your musings.

"On my path of exploration,

I Long to Connect With Others.

MusingMinds.UK is affirmation

That I Found New Sisters & Brothers."


— Caroline, Founder of Musing Minds UK

"Our vision is to allow Muses to embark on a journey to uncover truths, recover from their musing crises, and discover who they truly are."


Our vision is for Muses to embark on an adventure of self-exploration involving long musings and an encounter with the soul. There is no destination, no end in sight, rather, it is the journey that is the goal, there is no end.

At Musing Minds UK, we provide a space for you to uncover what truths, recover from your musing crises, and to discover who you truly are.


"Write about What You've Been Through.

Learn to Express Yourself

Know that it's Not Just You

That Has Issues with their Mental Health."

— Caroline, Founder of Musing Minds UK

When you think of our core values, think R.I.S.E.


The rock of our community… the ability to connect with others who understand you because they have been there... because they are there.


To breathe in life from others and to breathe out life to others. To imagine and create a life of fulfilment, living in the spirit.


The awareness of Self. To discover, explore and know your soul.


The agency to relay who you truly are based on your true Self ultimately leaving an impression upon others because you are special indeed.