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Interested in Writing a Creative Story on Musing Minds UK?

Creative stories are engaging stories written using our imagination and creativity. They are all based on mental health and mental illness from a variety of perspectives from the mind, body, spirit and life.

We hope this page should give you all the information you need. If you still have any queries, please check our FAQs, and if you still cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

Create a Story on MusingMinds.UK

So, whether you have a story to share that is based in reality, or from your imagination, we welcome you to add it here on Musing Minds UK.

Please read and agree to the Stories Terms & Conditions before creating a story.

Features of Our Stories...

Below contains detailed information for admin and members with regards to managing and interacting with our support groups.

Creative Story Advertising

Advertising a Story

Only creators of stories may advertise their story. Advertising can be done via the story profile. There, you will be able to see a 'Sample Ad', under which they have the option to create an ad. Members may also create an ad via our advertising pages. We advise you to view those pages for more information prior to creating an ad.


Creative Story Description

It's important for you to describe your story. The description does not need to be too long, however, it should describe the story and pull readers to want to read your story. Think of the description like a book 'blurb'.



Creative Story Tags and Profile Fields

Tags & Profile Fields

Tags should be added which fully describe the story. If you have browsed our community, you will know of popular tags. On the homepage, if the tag is popular, it will trend and members will be able to click to view all content under that tag and your story will be included.

Profile Fields

There are profile fields which may differ depending on the category selected. Please fill these in.

Creative Story Privacy

Depending on your membership, you will be able to select privacy options as to who can view your story.

Creative Story File Extensions

We offer various file extensions for example, you can add word documents, PDF files, but in addition, you may create a video story, uploading the video file.

Adding Stories to Other Listings

If you want to associate a story with a journal, support group or business page, please go to that listings profile page and add it from there, do not add it directly here unless you want it to standalone.