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Basic Information

  • Created By: AMusingMind
  • Posted: Feb 28, 2017
  • Last Updated: May 28, 2017
  • Yogis: 3
  • Views: 41
  • Likes: 3
  • Followers: 1
  • Category: Body
  • Tags: #Spirituality #spirit #Yoga #Fitness #Pilates #Exercise
  • Description: I really, really, really want to get into yoga! This is a group for those who feel the same way! In it, I will post videos, podcasts, photos and resources on the different types of yoga, and hopefully, we can create conversations and inspire each other to take the journey, to becoming a yogi.

Profile Information

  • Group Type: Online & Meetup
  • Group Purpose?: Help & Guidance, Information Resource, Relationships
  • Group Purpose: This group­ is mainly­ for infor­mation and­ resources­ on yoga. ­It is as s­piritual a­s it is a ­physical p­ractice, a­nd so we w­ill need a­ lot of he­lp and gui­dance as t­o how to g­et the mos­t out of t­his practi­ce. Hopefu­lly down t­he line, w­e can meet­-up with e­ach other,­ go to dif­ferent yog­a studios ­and find t­he one tha­t resonate­s with us ­the most!