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  • Posted Jan 30

    I remember back when I was in University. I never went out and barely went to lectures. I was sleeping all day and was certain by the end of the course (at that point, it would've been when I was 23 years old as it was a Masters) I would be dead. I was stuck in never-ending negativity, so sad, hopeless and didn't see the point in or meaning of anything.

    So I went to the GP as suggested by the director of my studies because I had a meeting with him due to my poor attendance.

    What happened? I was prescribed antidepressants. Is this the system we live in where they think that my problems could be solved by a pill? Why is medication the first port of call? I know the answer to this, I guess it's rhetorical. I just don't like the fact that so many people tell others, "if you are having issues, go and see a doctor". Why? So they can prescribe even more pills that are supposed to turn someone from a suicidal wreck to a 'productive citizen' that now has found the meaning of life? Ok, I know doctors don't think medication will do this, there is no 'magical pill' as they say, I'm just annoyed that that is the first line of treatment and people are so adamant that people should go to see a doctor if something is wrong when this is the so called help they provide (yes, I know they offer counselling, but do suicidal patients really have time on their hands to wait weeks for an appointment?). Do suicidal patients really want to be hospitalised against their will and forcefully given medication to supposedly remove the suicidal thoughts?

    Personal therapy should be the first line of treatment; having someone to talk to, someone to let it all out to,  but of course, that's too expensive to be given to everyone that presents themselves to a GP. This musing is more of a rant really. The healthcare system really needs to do better.