Writing for Mental Health: Why?

Writing can be therapy, aiding the expression of what's within. Release what's on your musing mind, whether it's just for you or to share with others.
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Why Write?

"Writing is therapy," they say, and we agree. Language is our minds advocate, it is it's intercessor to relay to others and the Self what one feels.

Through language, we muse. Through language, we speak. Through language, we write.

There is always a lot going on in our musing minds, but the downside is, how can we go back and reflect upon our reflections unless they have been written via reflective writing? How can we vividly remember past events and situations without having written them down?

So much goes on in suffering minds going through musing crises. Musing Minds UK is an expressive writing community allowing you to write and share your personal stories and personal comments on your mental health and mental illness.
Musing Minds UK also encourages creative writing. Muses get the chance to share the contents of their imaginations featuring characters going through the struggles of mental illness.

Whether you experience anxiety, depression, a personality disorder, schizophrenia, an eating disorder or bipolar disorder, express your experiences through writing and connect with others who understand you.
Connect with others who could potentially give you the help, advice and support you've always wanted and always needed.
Life is not to be lived alone. Mental health issues are not to be suffered alone, and just know that what you are going through, someone else is going through the same thing.
Our community is your chance to get to meet these individuals and realise that these experiences with your mental health do not define you, only you define you, so what is your definition of yourSelf?

Within our community, you get the chance to uncover truths, recovery from your musing crises, and discover who you truly are.

So... Get writing. Get sharing. Start connecting.