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About Us

About Musing Minds UK

Who We Are

Welcome to Musing Minds UK and bliss for visiting our about us pages! In this section you will discover more about who we are.

Who Are We?
Who Are You?

Who YOU Are

Calling all Musing minds; Calling all Muses. Allow us to test out our Psychic skills, here we uncover who we believe you are and why you are here.

Who Are You?
What Do We Do?

What We Do

If you've checked out our menu, you'll see a loooong list of features. Find out more about what we do and what we offer within Musing Minds UK. 

What Do We Do?
Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?

Discover why our community exists. This section includes the history of the founder of Musing Minds UK, Caroline, as well as what she and we hope to achieve.

Why Are We Here?
Where Are We?

Where Are We?

Musing Minds UK is an online community for UK residents. Discover more about where we are located, individuals we cater to and our plans for the future.

Where Are We?
When Should You Sign Up?

When to Sign Up?

Should you sign up when you are mentally healthy, or when you are in a crisis? Perhaps once you are in contact with mental health services? Discover more about this here.

When Should You Sign Up?

About MusingMinds.UK

Musing Minds UK is an on-line community of self-expression & wellbeing. Here you can share stories of your musing crises and uncover truths aiding your recovery and the discovery of who you truly are.

Members & businesses can create personalised profiles, post stories, add videos, events, resources, images, and create support groups and products, but all in all, members can exchange ideas and connect with like-minded Muses.

Who is a Muse?

A Muse is a spirit that watches over and inspires poets, musicians, writers, artists, and scientists, being the source of their genius. Our magical, musing minds are our Muses watching over our souls, guiding us to fulfilment as we move from musing crises to musing inspiration. Our musing minds inspire us to express ourSelves and our stories and form relationships that drown us in love and support.

Are you a Muse? If yes, please sign up!!

Our History

Caroline wanted to start her own business in 2012 after having to leave her Master of Pharmacy course just before the last semester. A nine-to-five was not an option, dreading having to spend her days so meaninglessly, why even bother living? Caroline had over five different business ideas from 2012 - 2016, and during this time she would write about her life, her experiences as well as starting a novel.

It was March 2016 when the idea for a creative writing community came about. The creative writing community, however, didn't feel right for her.

Over the next six months, this idea evolved to what the community is now, a holistic, mind, body, spirit & life community for individuals with mental health difficulties. Having experienced mental health difficulties herself, the merge of these worlds seemed to fulfil what she wanted and what she needed. This was to overcome her challenges, to nurture her passion for writing and most importantly, to form a business that would make a difference in peoples lives. She hopes that this community proves fruitful not just for herself, but for all who become a part of it.

Our Team

Sure, there is no 'I' in team, but there is a 'me' is team!

The team at MusingMinds.UK is comprised of just me, Caroline!

Caroline, Founder & Director of Musing Minds UK
Founder & Director 
of MusingMinds.UK
Find out more about Caroline.

MusingMinds.UK Etiquette

The guidelines below are our suggestions for members to help keep our community healthy and positive.

Please Respect the Community

MusingMinds.UK is your community but please be respectful in the way you speak (write) to others.

Be Authentic

Our community is a creative community allowing us to express who we are. There is nothing better than authenticity. Be yourself! 


Please Report Inappropriate Content

We do not allow hateful content in any form. If you find content that offends you, and/or violates our terms, please report the content. All content has a 'report' button or link on its profile page.

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