Musing Minds UK is an on-line holistic community promoting self-expression & peace for the mind, body, spirit & life.

We have a mission to get to the root cause of and recovery from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, not just deal with and discuss our symptoms.

"Alone, I experience mental Illness, but together,we will experience mental wellness."

Spiritual health is about feeling connected to life and reality, not disconnected.

Mental health is about harbouring feelings of positivity and joy, not negativity and despair.

Physical health is about our bodies being functional, not dysfunctional.

Due to their interdependence, we are not solely a mental health community. We are a holistic healing community.

We are on a journey to become whole, nurturing our mind, body, spirit and life leading to balance and harmony.

Who is a Musing Mind?

A Musing Mind spends a lot of time reflecting and thinking. Their musing minds can sometimes go out of control leading to musing crises, breakdowns & subsequent mental illness.

Who is a Muse?

A Muse is a spirit that watches over and captivates, motivates and inspires individuals, being the source of their genius.

Our vision is for individuals to metamorphise from a Musing Mind into a Muse. Our vision is for us, as Muses, to watch over other souls as well as our own, promoting genius and creativity throughout humanity, being the change in the world that we wish to see. What bliss we would experience when someone turns and says,

"You are my Muse."

What Do We Offer?

Here are the features of our community:

Member Profiles

Your profile will be populated with content that you have created across the community.

Community Feed

See everything that is going on within our community.


Premium members are able to earn credits for their contributions and can redeem these for goodies!

Welcome Forum

Our members-only forum is where we introduce ourselves and make each other feel welcome. Drop by often!

Creative Stories

Express the contents of your imagination through creativity writing. Write stories on mental health, spirituality and more. 


Share yourself by adding to your journal. Journaling is therapeutic so here's to finding healing and understanding.


Join the discussions and view/respond to member musings on mental health, body, life and spirituality.

Support Groups

Support groups have everything from discussion forums, events, resources and articles, photos, videos and more.


Find activities and events on mental health, wellbeing and spirituality going on near you.

Business Pages

Join and/or follow business pages in the mental health, wellbeing and spirituality arena.

Stores & Products

Browse our marketplace full of products to aid your mental health, wellbeing and spirituality.


Get all the information you require on writing, mental health conditions, life & spirituality.


Browse, download and review books on mental health conditions, the body, life and spirituality.


Enjoy our mental health quizzes as well as quizzes on personality, spirituality, life and more.


Share photos on Musing Minds UK. NB. Albums only visible to registered members.


Share videos on mental health issues, wellbeing, spirituality, life and more. 

What Now?

Set out on your unique path of self-exploration and self-discovery in our community.

Share your stories, comments and musings live and direct from the battlefields of the menacing, musing mind. You are a warrior and the victory is already yours... you just need to claim it. Or share your stories, comments and musings of triumph from your magical, musing mind. You are hope for a better day. Envision the pride gained when someone turns to you and says,

"You are my Muse."

Connect with others facing the same challenges you are and always have an understanding listening ear at hand. So, uncover what has been hidden from you, recover from your musing crises, and discover who you truly are.

Plan of Action

  • 1Sign UpPlease click the 'Sign Up' button to sign up. Fill in the form with your details to create your Musing Minds UK profile.
  • 2Post a Status UpdateSay 'Hello' on our community feed on the homepage! There you can see all our community content. 
  • 3Go Straight to Our Welcome ForumIntroduce yourself to everyone in the forum which most resonates with you and your struggles.
  • 4Add your MusingsAdd any musings (thoughts, questions etc) you may have and start and promote discussions around them.
  • 5Add your Creative StoriesUse your imagination to captivate, inspire and immerse us in your story world about mental health issues.
  • 6Add a Journal EntryShare your daily life challenges and struggles with mental health issues and mental illness.

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