Psychotic experiences, such as hearing voices, are surprisingly common but can lead to diagnoses, such as schizophrenia or manic depression (bipolar disorder). This course is aimed at people who want o know more about the experience of psychosis, whether you have experienced it yourself, or whether you are the family member or friend of someone that has gone through it.

The course explains what happens during a psychotic episode, the signs and symptoms of psychosis, and the causes of psychosis. We delve deep into the treatment of psychosis, with lessons on antipsychotic drugs and a detailed overview of the side effects that these cause. Finally, we end with living with psychosis, how to best cope day-to-day and what people can do to help themselves.

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An Introduction to Psychotic Disorders
The Signs & Symptoms of Psychosis
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The Causes of Psychosis
Diagnosing Psychotic Disorders
Treatment for Psychosis
Mental Health Services
Living with Psychosis

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