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Understanding Psychosis

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  1. An Introduction to Psychotic Disorders
    What is Psychosis?
  2. Introduction to Psychosis and Treatment Options
  3. The Signs & Symptoms of Psychosis
    The Signs & Symptoms of Psychosis
  4. Delusions
    3 Topics
  5. Hallucinations
    1 Topic
  6. Reacting to Psychotic Experiences
  7. The Causes of Psychosis
    Exploring the Causes of Psychosis
  8. Diagnosing Psychotic Disorders
    The Diagnosis of Schizophrenia
  9. The Diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder
    5 Topics
  10. Treatment for Psychosis
    Treatment Available for Psychosis
    5 Topics
  11. What Are Antipsychotic Drugs?
    8 Topics
  12. The Side Effects of Antipsychotics
    12 Topics
  13. Mental Health Services
    Hospital Admission and Crisis Services
  14. Community Care and Advocacy for Psychosis
  15. Living with Psychosis
    Overcoming Psychotic Experiences
  16. How Can I Help Myself During a Psychotic Episode?
  17. What Can Family & Friends Do to Help?
  18. Challenging Stereotypes and Stigma
Lesson 12, Topic 3
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Antimuscarinic or Anticholinergic Effects: Drowsiness, Dry Mouth, Blurred Vision, Constipation

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The gentle hum of the air conditioning filled the room as Sarah sat across from her doctor, anxiously awaiting an explanation for the strange sensations she had been experiencing since starting her antipsychotic medication. Dr. Roberts leaned forward, his eyes filled with empathy and understanding.

“Sarah,” he began, “one of the common side effects of antipsychotics is what we call antimuscarinic or anticholinergic effects. These effects occur due to the interference with acetylcholine levels in your body. They can manifest as drowsiness, dry mouth, blurred vision, and even constipation.”

Sarah’s eyes widened as she listened intently to Dr. Roberts’ explanation. She had noticed these symptoms but didn’t realise they were connected to her medication.

“Drowsiness is a common side effect,” Dr. Roberts continued. “Some medications are more sedating than others, and it’s important to let me know if it becomes troublesome during your daily activities. We can adjust your dosage or try a different medication if needed.”

Sarah nodded in understanding as she processed this new information.

“Another effect you may experience is dry mouth,” Dr. Roberts explained sympathetically. “This occurs because antipsychotics interfere with saliva production by blocking certain receptors in your salivary glands. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help alleviate this discomfort.”

As Sarah contemplated these explanations, she couldn’t help but wonder how blurred vision could be related to her medication.

“Blurred vision can also be associated with antimuscarinic effects,” Dr. Roberts clarified gently. “This happens when the medication affects the muscles controlling your eye lenses’ ability to focus properly.”

Sarah nodded again and made a mental note to schedule an eye appointment for further evaluation.

“And finally,” Dr. Roberts concluded, “constipation can occur due to the same interference with acetylcholine levels. It’s crucial to address severe constipation promptly as it can lead to more serious complications. Increasing fibre intake and staying hydrated can help, but if it persists or becomes severe, we may need to consider other options.”

Sarah felt a sense of relief wash over her as she finally understood the cause of these unsettling symptoms. She realised that discussing options with her healthcare professional was key in managing and mitigating these side effects.

As Sarah left the clinic that day, armed with a newfound understanding of antimuscarinic effects, she felt empowered and ready to take control of her health journey. She knew that while these side effects could be challenging, they were not insurmountable obstacles.

In the days that followed, Sarah diligently followed Dr. Roberts’ advice โ€“ drinking plenty of water, increasing her fibre intake, and keeping track of any changes in her symptoms. She found comfort in knowing that she had an ally in her healthcare team who would guide her through this process.

The journey ahead might have its hurdles, but armed with knowledge and support, Sarah was determined to navigate them with grace and resilience. The side effects may be daunting at times, but they would not define her story or dampen her spirit.

Little did she know that understanding these antimuscarinic effects would be just one piece of the puzzle on her path towards balance and well-being. With each chapter unfolding in her life’s book, Sarah continued to grow stronger โ€“ finding solace in knowing that she was not alone on this journey through the side effects of antipsychotics.

And so, with renewed determination and a heart full of hopefulness for what lay ahead, Sarah turned the page on this chapter โ€“ ready for whatever challenges awaited while embracing every opportunity for growth along the way.

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